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My Civic on the Dyno

These are the Dyno results before and after I installed my Toda Lightened Flywheel & Clutch, Toda Racing Header, Spoon Air Filter, Civic Type R final drive ratio, RSX-R Limited Slip Diff, and Brembo brake conversion package. The Red Graph is now and the Blue Graph is before.  This dyno was done on September 7, 2004.  The latest Dyno result is with the RSX-R Header with Cat installed.  I have to prepare for the removal of the Toda Race Header with out Cat due to our Air Care testing due this year.

Dyno Run 1 Dyno Run 2 Dyno Run 3 Dyno Run 4 Dyno Run 5 Dyno Run 6 Dyno Run 7 Dyno Run 8